Centro de Estudos, Resposta e Tratamento de Incidentes de Segurança no Brasil
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9th Brazilian CSIRTs Forum


9th Brazilian CSIRTs Forum

This event, being organized by CERT.br, is the Brazilian event dedicated to incident response and organizational resilience.


Don Stikvoort, MSc (Open CSIRT Foundation, NL)

Don Stikvoort is a theoretical physicist who was one of Europe's Internet pioneers since 1988. Since 1992 he has been a member of FIRST in various capacities - right now he is Liaison Member, and the co-chair of the TLP SIG.

Together with Klaus-Peter Kossakowski he started the European cooperation of CSIRTs in 1993 that later led to TF-CSIRT and the Trusted Introducer. Don leads his own company, specialising in security management and community building - but is also a certified master trainer and executive coach. His CSIRT specialty is the topic of governance and maturity - he is the lead author of the SIM3 maturity model.

Don is the Chairman of the Board of the Open CSIRT Foundation, and regularly gives keynote talks, in which he challenges his audiences to think outside the box and assume full responsibility for their work, in the context of society and the humans that make up society.

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